Heichal Baoranim is the Jewish congregation of Flagstaff, and is committed to meeting the wide range of religious needs of all who live in, visit, or vacation in the area.  Our synagogue provides a warm, welcoming center for Jewish life in Northern Arizona.

     We are a small and diverse community.  Our members have been raised in and are drawn toward virtually all traditions of Jewish worship.  While many of us live in traditional Jewish homes and continue practices of the larger Jewish communities from which we came, many others are products of, or partners in, mixed marriages and relationships and have developed additional patterns of observance.  Affiliated with the Reform tradition, our bi-monthly services -- lay-led and Rabbinical -- are intentionally inclusive.  We are pleased that Student Rabbi Jordana Chernow will be joining us this year.  She will not only conduct some of our Shabbat Services, but the High Holidays as well.  We provide religious school instruction for the young, preparation for Bar/Bat Mitzvah, adult education programs, support with life-cycle events, holiday observance, social gatherings, and a Jewish cemetery.

     Our congregants are our greatest resource.  We are proud of the intelligence, knowledge, and goodwill they bring to our community, services, and programs.  Membership is open to all individual Jews and to families with at least one Jewish adult.  All individuals, whether members or not, are welcome to all synagogue functions.



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